Café Janis (Lisbon)

What are we talking about?

You will find plenty of good and/or trendy restaurants on and around the green square called ‘Jardim Dom Luis’ in Lisbon. One of our favorite spots for all our breakfast, lunch and diner plans is ‘Janis’. This is odd though, because the menu is extremely limited, but they got you covered by all fresh and tasty ingredients. Your diner choices for example will only be 2 kinds of meat burgers and a vegetarian option, next to some nacho’s and some bites to share. There is however plenty of choice for good drinks like cocktails, wine and homemade drinks.


Our (first) experience

Our first taste at Café Janis was with a couple of friends after a day ‘touristic walking’ of 25kms. We were tired, hungry and grumpy, also called ‘hangry’ I guess. The atmosphere of ‘Café Janis’, all doors and windows were open, and the happy, no-nonsense service changed our mood immediately. We suddenly realised (again) that we were lucky people visiting one of the best cities in the world. The weather was great, the cool breeze was relaxing and the city vibe was kind of inspiring.

We had some nachos with homemade guacamole and ordered a pulled pork burger with fried sweet potatoes. It was here were we had our very first ‘Moscow mule’, which is a cocktail with ginger, vodka and lime.